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Digital Marketing Skills: Which One Is Better? Learning vs. Consulting

Digital Marketing Skills: Which One Is Better? Learning vs. Consulting

Many people ask DIGITORY often. Should they study digital marketing online or hire a consultant for a digital marketing consulting? Which one is better?

Today we will answer these questions through this article.

First of all, you must first explore the current situation of the business. How well prepared are you in that field?

  • First factor: an owner who does everything alone or has a team.
  • Second factor: a person who is new to digital marketing or has some experience.

In order to decide whether it is better to study or hire a consultant. We will divide them into each category for easy understanding. (And try to imagine what group you are in)

Group A an owner who does everything alone who is new to online marketing.

We recommend you to study a basic online course to let yourself know what you can do. It’s not necessary to study all subjects yet, but we want you to understand what the online world has. You can go deeper into online learning gradually or hire an hourly consultant to give you short-term guidance.

Group B an owner who does everything alone and has experienced in online marketing.

Panit Digital - DIGITORY Consultation

We recommend you don’t have to study a basic online course but go deeper into online tools for each platform or hire an hourly consultant to check your campaign that is correct or not, is there anything that should be adjusted or not?

Group C an owner who has a team that is new to online marketing

We recommend you to study a Private-class digital online course because your team can be participated in it. Plus, all of you can be understanding at the same time. Moreover, you can ask your teacher about what you don’t know and ask your teacher to guide or suggest to you about your business. You can your real problem as your lesson. So, you would have applied the solutions with your company further.

Group D an owner who has a team who has experienced in online marketing

We recommend you to hire a monthly consultant because you do have basic knowledge and your team is ready too. A consultant will only point in the right direction for you. Don’t waste your time on useless things.

Now let’s take a look at an online marketing course.

  • Finding information, reading through articles or E-Books
  • Taking online courses, online video lessons, listening through podcasts
  • Workshop or Private Class

1. DIGITORY Online Article and E-books


Nowadays, a lot of online marketing information is available on the Internet. Just search on Google, there are many articles to choose from. The advantage is that it is easily accessible, no need to pay for it. But the downside is that if you don’t know where to start reading, you might not be unable to get the point. If you read and have questions, you may need an expert to answer them. Another popular type of online marketing study is E-Book. This will help you get started on the right track if you choose the topic of the book to study that meets your needs.
For example, the E-Book of DIGITORY combines only online marketing terms, acronyms, meanings, and explaining how to use various tools in just one book.

2. DIGITORY Online Courses

For some people who do not like reading learning, you can opt for a listening or viewing style instead, such as a marketing podcast. You can keep up to date with speaker updates on new issues or watch videos online because it will make all learners more focused on good visualizations. But there may be a slight disadvantage for some people who like to study and ask.
At DIGITORY, we also offer online marketing courses because some students are inconvenient to come to the live courses, they can study online. Our lessons are systematically divided into clear and easy levels and explaining the lesson in its entirety. More importantly, we have a Quiz for students. If you complete our course, you will receive a certificate from DIGITORY. In addition, there is also a support team to answer questions for those interested in registering for each subject via LINE Official Account.

3. DIGITORY Exclusive

The ultimate step of learning is a live lecture or a workshop, as you can concentrate on the content as much as possible and also participate in a workshop that the instructor has designed to do and you can ask the instructor immediately. Most importantly, the instructor will provide you with potential online marketing advice for your business that you can apply immediately.
This is a very popular live class from DIGITORY. We have an exclusive class that is limited to 8 seats per class only. We strongly believe that the smaller number of people, the more effective the learners get. So does Private Class. With our working experience with 60 companies, in-house training is the most effective workshop.

The most important thing in learning is actually doing it because if you have already learned the tools but you haven’t used them often, there is a chance to forget all of this. Another reason to use it regularly is that you have to keep updating the global advertising platform. The world spins very fast. Technology is evolving as well. If you haven’t used the tool for a month, you may not be able to find the same menu.

If you are looking for a Digital Marketing Institution to help you learn and consult you from the very start!

  • Strategic Planning
  • Smart Execution
  • Excellent Quality of Work
  • Strong Measurement
  • Reasonable Price

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