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Facebook Ads Image: 3 Techniques to create great and attractive creative media!


Our ads may often not generate high engagement or sales from Facebook Ads even we have selected the right objectives, specific target groups, or selected a consistent target group. Thus, one of the elements that make our ads less interesting and not as effective as possible might be the Facebook ads images we used.

Images are an essential element in advertising, especially for Facebook Ads. Great design images help attract users’ attention to stop and see ads. Besides, Facebook ads image also increases the likelihood of ordering products. Therefore, we should put a lot of afford into all details of Facebook ads image design.

So, DIGITORY is sharing with you a great technique for designing Facebook Ads image. Let’s begin.

  • Well-designed, Concise, and Imply brand image
  • The accurate size and right resolution
  • Text on the image should be concise, easy to understand, and not higher than 20% text overlay

Let’s take a look closer at them one by one.

1. Well-designed, Concise, and Imply brand image

Product or service images sharing on Facebook is essential to be well-designed and visually appealing. However, a lifestyle product picture is necessary as well. For example, pictures while using a product, after using the product, and various angles of the actual product. The main principle is that an image needed to be easy to understand and deliver messages within a limited time of what is the product used for? What are the advantages of products? The reason is that Facebook users only take a few seconds to decide whether to click on the product post or not.

In addition, the images of products and services must also reflect the brand image. Thus, product image design may focus on the brand’s color scheme and put the brand logo on the picture to overcome viewers’ awareness.

For example, the image of the ad of DIGITORY represents the actual atmosphere. The ad’s picture will look more interesting than the image that contains only the team’s image. Also, using the brand’s color scheme and brand logo to create customer recognition.

2. The accurate size and right resolution

Facebook ads purchases must use images matched with Facebook recommendations to prevent distortion or image cropped when rendered in the platform. Image proportions that Facebook recommends are a square image with sizing 1080 x 1080 pixel and a landscape image with sizing 1200 x 630 pixel.

Click HERE to see more image sizes

3. Text on the image should be concise, easy to understand, and not higher than 20% text overlay

Facebook Advertising system stipulates that text on the image must not exceed 20% of the text overlay because it will affect ads’ performance and efficiency to less showing on Facebook feed.

Facebook will calculate characters that appear in the image. Including a logo that has characters and brand names attached to the product as well.

Therefore, we must use short and concise text but can be understood easily. You may also use those words that encourage customers to buy products or click to see more product details. However, the text placement’s appropriateness must be considered so that the text will not difficult to read.

Click HERE to check Text Overlay

Text Overlay Assessment can be divided into 4 levels as follows:

  • Level 1 OK / Appropriate, which means Facebook Ads image contains no more than 20% characters of total image ratio. Thus, Facebook Advertising can be run as usual at a Normal Level.
  • Level 2 Low, which means Facebook Ads image contains 20-30% of total image ratio. Thus, Facebook Advertising would gain a lower reach and engagement.
  • Level 3 Medium, which means Facebook Ads image contains 30-50% of total image ratio. Thus, Facebook Advertising would gain much lower reach and engagement.
  • Level 4 High, which means Facebook Ads image contains more than 50% of total image ratio. Thus, Facebook Advertising might couldn’t run or gain the lowest reach and engagement.

Last but not least, don’t forget to use the mentioned tricks to create your Facebook Ads images to be nice and appropriate with Facebook’s policy in order to make your ads run effectively and efficiently.

But if you are not suitable for Facebook Ads image design or looking for Ads Agency, please do not hesitate to contact our partner HERE.

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