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Google Ads Keyword Match Types: Important Things to Know Before Buying Ads


Google Ads is online advertising through the Google Network, which offers a wide variety of services. Including Google Search, Google Display Network, and Video Ads on YouTube to reach the target audience. The critical component of doing Google Ads is “Keyword Match Type”

Ad displays in the Google network rely on the relationship between customers and products or services. Thus, the effectiveness of the ads depends on the “Keyword” that customers use as a search term in Google Search and Youtube Search to display relevant ads. These factors lead to a high click rate (CTR) and a massive increase in sales opportunities (conversions).

Therefore, we should pay more attention to keyword selection relevant to the product and consistent with what customers want. There are many types of Keyword in buying Google Ads as follows:

  • Broad Match
  • Broad Match Modifier
  • Phrase Match
  • Exact Match
  • Negative

Let’s take a look closer at them one by one.

1. Broad Match

As a broad keyword, your ad won’t just show results when someone searches for the exact keyword. However, it may show results when people search for similar keywords or even misspelled. Still, the meaning is the same as the keyword that we have chosen.

Choosing a broad match suitable for a newly launched business can reach a broad and large target audience.

For example, if someone searches the keyword “mask”, the ads will be displayed Health Mask, Cloth Mask, Fancy Mask, Durian Mask, however, The Single mask will appear as well.

2. Broad Match Modifier

Broad Match Modifier is a keyword narrower than the first one, which began to be specific to a certain extent. However, it is not clear that this word only by inserting this type of keyword will have a + sign in the front—for example, an alternate word order with other words or other sentences to insert between keywords. Search with keywords that only match a keyword and won’t show ads on similar search terms like Broad match.

For example, the keyword is + mask + cloth. The ad will show results when someone searches with the term cloth mask, and how to make a cloth mask topic will show as well.

Notably, the ad will show results when there is a mask and cloth in the sentence, whether interlude or interleaved.

3. Phrase Match

Phrase match is a narrower and more specific keyword than the first two, with a quotation mark (“) covering the end of the keyword that we choose. The ad will show results when someone searches with the same word that we have chosen. Then, results will indicate when this word is included in other sentences.

For example, the keyword is “cloth mask”. Your ad will show results if someone searches for a cloth mask to buy a cloth mask. For example, where sell cloth masks or cheap cloth mask. However, it will not show results if searching for cloth masks or fabric for making masks.

In short, the ad will show results when the words printed cloth masks are sorted in this order. Nevertheless, it will not appear if other words are inserted in the middle or with alternate words.

4. Exact Match

Exact match is the narrowest and most specific keyword. It will put square brackets [] close to the end of the word that we choose. Besides, ads will only show if someone searches on the exact keyword.

For example, the keyword is [cloth mask]. Your ad will only show results when someone searches with a cloth mask, but won’t show if searching with “cloth mask”, “cloth mask for sale”, “how to make a cloth mask”, “where to buy a cloth mask”, or “Cheap cloth masks”.

5. Negative

This is to exclude ads from showing results in searches that contain the words that we have selected. Putting a minus sign (-) in front of the keyword will help filter out our non-customers.

For example, the keyword is + Mask -The Mask Singer. Your ad will show when someone searches for a mask, cloth mask, mask, fancy mask, but will not display when someone searches for Durian Mask or The Mask Singer.

Currently, you already get to know the types of keywords to buy in Google Ads. You can try to plan your keywords for products by choosing to use each keyword type consistent with your advertising objectives for maximum efficiency.

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