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Twitter Ads, the Dark Horse of Online Marketing in Thailand


Twitter is another trendy social media platform in Thailand. Twitter is also a good platform to be added to your online marketing plan, as Twitter has the strength of short-text communication and real-time focus. It helps people to access information more comfortably and faster than other social media platforms.

According to Twitter’s Q4 2019 results, revealed that:

  • The number of global daily active users (DAU) is 152 million, increased by 21% over 2018 from 126 million.
  • The Monthly User (MAU) totaled 321 million, increased by 3% annually, but down to 5 million from the third quarter.
  • While the number of users in Thailand is approximately 12 million, most users aged 16-24 years old. It can be said that social media has a very high number of users, and it is another opportunity to get closer to the millennial audience.

What are you waiting for, let’s get to know what we can do with Twitter Ads:

What are the advertising formats available on Twitter Ads?

There are 4 primary advertising types on Twitter which are text, image, video, and card.

1. Plain Text Tweet

Text advertising with no more than 280 characters

Twitter Ads - Plain Text Tweet

2. Single Image Tweets & GIFs

Single image tweets and GIFs advertising

Twitter Ads - Single Image Tweet

3. Multi-Image Tweet

Multi-image advertising in one tweet, making an image looks nice according to the image identity.

Twitter Ads - Multi Image Tweet

4. Image Website Card

Image ads that embed links leading to your website are 1:1 and 1:91:1

Twitter Ads - Image Website Card

5. Image App Card

Advertising for application which similar to the Image website card. Just click on the image, it will link to application installation.

Twitter Ads - Image App Card

6. Promoted Video   

Short text advertising video.

Twitter Ads - Promoted Video

7. Video Website Card

Similar to the Promoted Video but Video website Card will run when people click on the video. Then, the link will appear under the video

Twitter Ads - Video Website Card

8. Video App Card

Similar to previous Video advertisements but Video App Card is just a click for installing the application.

Twitter Ads - Video App Card

There are other ad formats that cannot be done by users. You need to contact an agency partner to let them create a special advertising campaign for you, such as:

9. Conversational Ads

Characteristic ads that include both images and text with a button that says tweet below to encourage more people to click on hashtags. For example, voting between A and B, when pressing the button, there will be a hashtag (#) for us to type text and retweet.

Twitter Ads - Conversational Ads

10. Direct Message Card

Create a special card that leads to Direct Message.

Twitter Ads - Direct Message Card

11. Promoted Trend

Promote your brand hashtag to be featured on the top spot in the Trending section

Twitter Ads - Promoted Trends

12. Promoted Trend Spotlight

Promote your brand hashtag to be featured on the top spot in the Trending section with a big photo to attract more users

Twitter Ads - Promoted Trends Spotlight

The number of Twitter users is increasing significantly year on year. It’s time for you to explore this new market before you are outdated!

If you are looking for a Digital Marketing Institution to help you learn and consult you from the very start!

  • Strategic Planning
  • Smart Execution
  • Excellent Quality of Work
  • Strong Measurement
  • Reasonable Price

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